About strategy


I have a dream (as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said)…


…and that dream is to help make strategy easier.


That means easier to think strategically, easier to work strategically, and easier to communicate strategy.

Why do I feel that this is important? Well because having worked with numerous business owners, directors and managers over a long career, I think that ‘strategy’ and all things ‘strategic’ are often complicated to the point that many people are turned off as soon as they hear those words.

So, you may be thinking, if people are turned off by ‘strategy,’ why focus my business on the subject?

The answer is because strategy is important.

Actually, it is more than important, it is critical because strategy is about choosing the right direction and making the right choices, and every business needs to do that, now more than ever.




yourstrategycoach.co.uk offers coaching through myself, Adrian Hargreaves, to help you to think strategically, work strategically, and articulate strategy well. 

My other website (Hargreaves Marketing) focuses on…

…Marketing documents, sales documents and strategy documents designed, produced and supported with one-to-one coaching.

The act of producing these documents together, enable a deeper understanding of your needs and your strategy. The combination of services through yourstrategycoach.co.uk and Hargreaves Marketing provide a real depth of substance which means that you can develop, communicate, and execute your strategy right through your organisation.

I aim to help my clients to achieve three specific goals: to think strategically, to work strategically and to communicate strategy well. I want to be able to look back at the end of my career and know that I have helped many people at different career levels and in many different types of organisations to have developed in these three critically important areas.

What does success look like to you? It is about the practical application of knowledge for the benefit of the organisations you work for and of course for you as a career-focused professional as you strive forward in an increasingly competitive working environment.


Adrian Hargreaves


Adrian Hargreaves is an experienced and professionally qualified marketing and sales professional with a thirst for knowledge and personal development who after a long career with a variety of market-leading companies founded Hargreaves Marketing Ltd in 2012.