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Can you explain what your strategy is?

If you find it difficult to explain your strategy, think about how your audience must feel about it. If you want to get their buy-in you need to articulate your strategy well.

Words Matter

For your strategy to work, people need to buy into it before they can adopt it. What you say, the words and phrases you choose, the visuals which you show, all matter.


Articulate Strategy Well ……is all about building the capabilities to talk about, discuss, and present strategy, so that people understand it and know what to do.


Strategy can be communicated verbally, visually, and in writing. Choose one method or a combination of all three methods, whatever works best for your audience.

Prepare Well

Develop, articulate, and rehearse messages that explain your strategy clearly, and help to move people to action.

About Our Coaching Sessions

Active Participation Coaching Sessions

I replicate your specific situation, so you can prepare to articulate strategy well.

Understanding Strategy

  • Strategy Made Easy
  • No Jargon
  • No Management Speak

Communicating Strategy

  • Verbally
  • Visually
  • Writing

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