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In any company or organisation, there are many people who need to know what direction we are headed and how we intend to reach our goals. Communicating strategy is, therefore, an important business skill, one that marks out the leaders and the people with the potential to lead. The people who have developed strategic thinking skills and who have the capability to clearly communicate their strategy with real substance and meaning.

Your ‘audience’ for these meetings, interviews, talks and presentations is to use a business phrase, your stakeholders. These may include top management, employees, investors, suppliers, as well as your colleagues. Such events are important both for the business and for your career. As such, they need to be prepared for very well indeed.

Talking to groups of people when under pressure comes easier to some people than to others. Some very confident and assured people may feel that they have no need to plan ahead and can effectively ‘wing it.’ This very risky approach can quickly unravel when faced with some basic questions and once you have lost the confidence of your audience, it can be very difficult to get them back.

In some ways talking about strategy is no different to talking about anything else in so far as you need to know what you are talking about. As ‘strategy’ is a complex subject with many different terms which can be confusing to people, some thought needs to go into how we are going to communicate our ideas in ways that the people we are meeting with will understand.

‘Articulating strategy well’ requires both the right attitude and the right process. We need to have in our minds the need to engage with the people we are presenting to and a plan as to how we are going to achieve this. We also need to have a deep understanding of our subject and have the relevant information and in the right format, to share with our audience.

Coaching clients on how to articulate strategy well is one of the services I offer. In addition to coaching, I also offer a number of related services to help take the weight off you if you are busy or require a different or more detailed approach. A relevant example is that I can provide specialist strategy-focused presentation services.

For a better understanding of how I can help, please contact me for a free initial chat or coaching session. 

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